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Maris Hotel Haifa

Maris Hotel 3 stars

Haifa. Hanamal 40 Haifa, Israel
Maris Hotel – the new boutique business hotel in Haifa, nestled in a quiet street in the rejuvenating Lower City. Maris Hotel’s perfect location offers you great accessibility to Haifa’s science... more...
Gallery Haifa

Gallery 3 stars

Haifa. St. Herzel 61, Haifa 33504
Bay Club Haifa

Bay Club 3 stars

Dan Gardens Haifa

Dan Gardens 3 stars

Haifa. 124 Yaffe-Nof Street, 34454 Haifa
The Dan Gardens is a special Haifa hotel – a modern yet intimate bed and breakfast facility it is created for guests eager to experience Haifa’s special charms and stay within their budgets. Situated on... more...
Leonardo Haifa

Leonardo 5 stars

Crowne Plaza Haifa

Crowne Plaza 4 stars

Dan Panorama Haifa

Dan Panorama 4 stars

The Dan Panorama Hotel, rising twenty-one stories high on Mount Carmel, offers you a choice of spectacular views: one side commands a splendid panorama of the city of Haifa, Mount Carmel and the sea. Another vantage... more...
Dan Carmel Haifa

Dan Carmel 5 stars


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