The hotels of Israel

The hotels of Israel

If you decided to go to Israel for an excursion or for holidays, it is better for you to know some functioning peculiarities of Israel hotels and their services.

  • There is no star or class gradation of the hotels.
    The hotels of Israel surely differs from each other in their amenity and lists of services they provide, but Israelis themselves don’t label them with any categories. But if you ask your tourist agency for help in choosing the hotel, you may notice that tour agencies do label hotels for convenience, giving them a certain number of stars according to the quality of services they provide.
    The suits in hotels of tourist class (3) are equipped with not only standard furniture set. There are also radio, phone, TV, bathroom and shower. Usually there is a system of cable television in such hotels so the broadcasting of Russian channels is also possible. If you want to have the refrigerator, you should pay additionally. The same thing is considering the bar on the hotel’s territory. Usually there are no pools in the tourist class hotels.
    In the suits of the first class hotels and higher (от 4
    ) there can be one or even more swimming pools. In the suits there may be a hair dryer, mini-bar and individual safe.
    The hotels of the highest category accommodate their visitors in the suits with the own architectural style and with additional conveniences. On the resorts, which are situated not far from sea, these hotels occupy the first line
    It doesn’t matted with which category the hotel is labeled, each of them has its own conditioning system.

  • The peculiarities of feeding system The most of hotels have menus, food in which was made of kosher ingredients only. Actually this means the absence of dishes, made of pork, seafood and some types of fish. There also won’t be any dish, which was made of using meat and diary products simultaneously. That’s why you should probably be ready when you will be proposed to have something diary for breakfast and something made of meat for lunch and dinner.

  • The peculiarities of culture and religion While booking the hotels in Israel, you should remember that this is the country where religious and cultural traditions are very strong. Visitors of all hotels will feel it, because on Friday after sunset the elevators work in a special mode due to Shabbat. It is reflected in the work of elevators, which work automatically on weekends and stop on each floor. In addition, when Shabbat comes to an end, there are late check out and late check inn in hotels.

  • The beaches of 3 seas The visitors of the hotels can’t help being fascinated with the beaches. It doesn’t matter in which hotel you live – all the beaches are open. It means that the visitors of one hotel can visit the beaches of other hotels without any obstacles. But when you enter the beach, you’re obliged to pay for beach chair and umbrella. In Tel Aviv and Netanya all the beaches are municipal. Even guests of the hotels, situated on the first line, should pay here, while entering the beach and using the equipment.