The vacation in Israel

The vacation in Israel

Israel is the country with not only unique culture, but it’s also a rather developed region. The summer here lasts for 6 months, there is plenty of fresh fruit here, a warm gentle sea, comfortable hotels, lots of sightseeing – this is Israel. The rest here cures not only your body but also your soul.
The diversity of natural landscape, rich culture and historical heritage let Israel to become the appropriate place for versatile vacation.

Tourist zones.
There is no doubt that Israel is really appropriate for tourist trips.
One of the most popular places for tourist in Israel is Jerusalem. Being one of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem is the center of concentration of sacred objects of 3 world religions –Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall is situated here.
Tel Aviv may be called the symbol of the modern Israel. This is the city with perfectly developed infrastructure, lots of offices, entertaining, theatres and museums. Tel Aviv is the city, which never sleeps. This is the place, which attract youth and people, who prefer the dynamic way of spending time and being connected to the civilization.
There is a place in Israel, which is perfect for those who love beautiful sceneries and isolated rest. It’s called Eilat. Being situated on the bay shores of the Red Sea, this city is surrounded by the mountain range. You can walk along the mountain paths not only on foot, but also by quadrocycle, tractorons, jeeps and even on camels. The diversity of representatives of marine flora and fauna makes Eilat an appropriate place for diving. Red Sea means the holiday among strange and interesting representatives of flora and fauna, and all of this – in harmony with yourself and Mother Nature.
There is a Mediterranean resort Netanya in 1 hour from Jerusalem. This city gladdens the tourists with its mild climate, green parks, great amount of beaches and entertainments.

Medicinal rest
The holidays in Israel can be not only interesting, but also healthy. The region of the Dead Sea is very popular among the people who want to become healthier. Due to influence of several factors (the specific spectrum of sun rays, the permanent temperature in any season, dry air and salt saturated sea) this region receives the fame of the world’s sanatorium. People from all over the world come here on order to cure their skin diseases – dermatitis, psoriasis and similar illnesses.

The places of pigrimage
Thanks to its unique historical past Israel never stops attracting the history worshipers and pilgrims, who came here in order to visit the saint places. The tourists may be interested in visiting Jerusalem and its outskirts, where are many sacred Christian places and things – Olive Mountain, Golgotha, Gethsemane, Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Bethlehem is also popular among the tourists and numerous pilgrims, because it the place, where Jesus Christ was born. For Jews the cities of Tiberias and Haifa with preserved sacred things on their territory are of a great importance.