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Aquamarine Eilat

Aquamarine 3 stars

The Edomit Hotel Eilat is located as to provide convenient access to the hubs of Eilat, whether the destination is of business, shopping, entertainment, or sightseeing fashion. The city center is minutes away where... more...
Arcadia SPA Eilat

Arcadia SPA 3 stars

Eilat. Hativat Hanegev 137, Eilat, Israel
Sometimes, all we want is an intimate, relaxing vacation that provides all the conditions for rest and relaxation. Arcadia Spa Eilat has that unique quality. Arcadia Spa Eilat is the ideal solution for guests who... more...
Central Park Eilat

Central Park 4 stars

Eilat. Binyamin Park 10, Eilat, Israel.
This classic hotel offers guests the well renowned hospitality of the Rimonim Hotels with international flavors. The Rimonim Central Park Hotel offers its guests an unforgettable experience. Rimonim Central Park is... more...
Adi Eilat

Adi 3 stars

Eilat. 6 Topaz str., Eilat, Israel
Adi Hotel Eilat a family hotel, located 300 meters from the Eilat beach in tourist center near Eilat's entertainment and shopping district including pubs, restaurants, and the new Eilat Shopping Mall. Hotel... more...
Americana Eilat

Americana 3 stars

Eilat. North Beach, Eilat, Israel.
Americana Hotel is ideally located on the north beach of Eilat, set in the midst of the most popular hotels and entertainment spots in town. A short 5-10 min. walk. brings you to the famous north beach promenade... more...
Dalia Eilat

Dalia 3 stars

Eilat. North Beach, 88000
The refurbished Dalia Hotel is situated on the shores of the Red Sea, in the center of the hotel and tourist area near the beach promenade and minutes from the shopping and entertainment centers in Eilat. The... more...
Prima Music Eilat

Prima Music 3 stars

Eilat. Almog Beach, Eilat, 8806459
Bright, decorated in musical style, the Hotel Prima Music 3 * is located in a picturesque place just five minutes walk from the Coral Beach. The hotel is characterized by a landscaped garden with palm trees and a... more...
Club Hotel Eilat

Club Hotel 4 stars

Eilat Club Hotel is the largest suites hotel across the Middle East and the only hotel across Israel designed and built under the inspiration of the sea. Eilat Club Hotel is a resort located next to the... more...
Siesta Eilat

Siesta 4 stars

Eilat. 3 Hativat Hanegev Av, 88000
All inclusive
Holitel Siesta Eilat offers all-inclusive accommodations, the dinning room Dinning room is open from 07.00 till 22.00 so that means late breakfast for our guests, Just walk to our Dinning room any time when you fell... more...
Vista Eilat

Vista 3 stars

Eilat. Kamen Street, 88000
Half board included
Location. Located in Eilat, Vista Hotel is by the sea and close to North Beach and Dolphin Reef. Additional area points of interest include Coral Beach and Shlomo Mountain. Hotel Features. Vista Hotel's... more...
Isrotel Yam Suf Eilat

Isrotel Yam Suf 4 stars

Eilat. Coral Beach, 88103
Families seeking quality time for themselves diving enthusiasts will find the quiet space of the leading diving resort hotel in Eilat. Coral beach on the beach, away from the noise and bustle, with a beautiful view... more...
Agamim Eilat

Agamim 4 stars

Eilat. Kampan Street, 88000
At last there’s a hotel in Eilat that is reminiscent of the perfect holiday atmosphere on the mellow shores of the Sinai Peninsula. At last there’s a hotel which offers its guests direct access to the... more...
Caesar Eilat

Caesar 4 stars

Half board included
The Caesar Premier Eilat Hotel The newly renovated hotel is situated by the beautiful Lagoon offering a breathtaking view of the Red Sea and the Edom Mountains. The Caesar Premier Eilat Hotel and the Eilat... more...
Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat
Eilat. Kamen Street (North Shore), 88103
Half board included
Hotel description Located on the northern beach on the Gulf of Eilat, the enchanting Royal Tulip Eilat Hotel has 228 rooms, of which 200 have a balcony and view of the pool. Hotel Location Royal Tulip Eilat is... more...
Leonardo Club Eilat

Leonardo Club 5 stars

Eilat. Kampen, Eilat, 88103
All inclusive
The all-inclusive Leonardo Club Hotel Eilat welcomes you in a prime location just a short walk away from the beautiful beach and Eilat’s attractive shopping mall "Ha'Yam". Other nearby... more...
Leonardo Privilege Eilat
Eilat. Kamen, Eilat, Israel
All inclusive
Golden Tulip Privilege hotel is a refurnished and upgraded hotel located in resort area of Eilat. It offers a grandious Sport lobby bar equipped with 12 LCD screens where you can watch all sports and lifemusic.... more...
Crowne Plaza Eilat

Crowne Plaza 5 stars

Eilat. 1 NORTH BEACH P.O. Box 1666, 88000
Half board included
Are you dreaming about a holiday in paradise? Come to Eilat, the city of endless sun, and experience the Red Sea, the coral reefs, the spectacular mountain and desert landscapes, the trips, the adventures, the bars... more...
Royal Garden Eilat

Royal Garden 4 stars

Eilat. Isrotel Royal Garden, North Beach, Eilat 88000
Among family or with friends, Isrotel Royal Garden suite Hotel is a whole wide world of relaxation, fun and shopping surrounded by water.Just outside our magnificent suites, a huge water park, the largest of its kind... more...
Lagoona Eilat

Lagoona 4 stars

All inclusive
Meals, drinks, ice-cream, cakes and treats by the pool – all free and unlimited. It's a simple equation - No money, No worries – feel free to do whatever you want whenever you want with no extra... more...
Neptune Eilat

Neptune 4 stars

Eilat. North Beach, 88102
Found on the northern shores of the Red Sea, right on the Eilat beach and with a view to the Edom mountains, stands one of the resort's premier hotels in Eilat, the Rimonim Eilat Hotel. Recently renovated fresh... more...
Sport Club Eilat

Sport Club 4 stars

Eilat. North Beach, 88000, Eilat, Israel.
All inclusive
Lovers of outdoor activities, representatives of the sports elite, novice athletes we offer a cheerful and carefree relaxation in Sport Club Hotel 4 *, located in the hotel area of Eilat. Each year, the hotel hosts a... more...
U Suites (Ex. Le Meridien) Eilat
Half board included
One of Eilat’s most lavish and opulent hotels, is a luxury hotel in keeping with the European style and standards of the international Le Meridien Hotel chain. Le Meridien Eilat offers a lavish and exclusive... more...
Dan Panorama Eilat

Dan Panorama 4 stars

Eilat. Hotel Area, North Beach, 88101
Half board included
The Dan Panorama Hotel Eilat has been created for your pleasure. Ideal for a vacation that blends sun and fun with Eilat's spectacular natural attractions, the Dan Panorama Eilat Hotel is splendidly located... more...
Leonardo Plaza Eilat

Leonardo Plaza 5 stars

Eilat. North Shore Eilat POB 1944
Half board included
The Leonardo Plaza Hotel Eilat is beautifully situated on the Red Sea right in front of the amazing beach and is the perfect place to spend a wonderful vacation. The hotel provides a perfect location, just five... more...
Hilton Eilat

Hilton 5 stars

Eilat. 8 Antib Road, North Shore, 88121
At the heart of Eilat where the crystal Red Sea and the Desert mountains meet, stands the Hilton Queen of Sheba .Situated in a prime position on the sea front, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the Red Sea, the... more...
King Solomon Eilat

King Solomon 5 stars

Eilat. North Beach, 88000
Half board included
Take your family on a dream-like active holiday at Isrotel King Solomon Hotel. In the beating heart of Eilat, the king of all hotels awaits you. The refurbished hotel offers magnificent hospitality, excellent food,... more...
Orchid Eilat

Orchid 4 stars

Eilat. South beach , Coral (Almog) Beach, 88100
Half board included
Orchid Hotel Eilat On the shores of the Coral Beach, between the red of the desert hills and the blue waters of the bay, lies an enchanted paradise – the Orchid Hotel. The exotic holiday resort, overlooking... more...
U Coral Beach Eilat

U Coral Beach 5 stars

All inclusive
Herods Palace Eilat

Herods Palace 5 stars

In the place where powerful rulers and kings lived, between the legendary Edom Mountains and the mysterious Red Sea, Herods Eilat is coming alive. Impressive prestigious buildings containing luxuries and riches,... more...
Herods Boutique Eilat

Herods Boutique 5 stars

Royal Beach Eilat

Royal Beach 5 stars

Redefining the concept of luxury, it is clear to any visitor that the Royal Beach is far more than a mere hotel. It is a complete, unique worldview. Every single detail, from the pampering mattresses in each suite to... more...
Dan Eilat

Dan 5 stars

The Dan Eilat Hotel is a self-contained vacation paradise blending luxury and style with fun, informality, and round-the-clock activity. Featuring a spectacular beachfront setting on the magical Red Sea, the Dan... more...
Club Inn Eilat

Club Inn 3 stars

Eilat. P.O.B 1505, 88000
Eilat Club Inn Hotel is a resort located in a wadi over looking a breathtaking desert view. Eilat Club Inn Hotel is located on Coral Beach, 7 kilometers away from the city center and stretches upon 7.5 acres of... more...
Herods Vitalis Eilat

Herods Vitalis 5 stars

The Herods Vitalis is Israel’s leading spa hotel. As the flagship hotel of Herods Eilat and the jewel in the crown, the Herods Vitalis boasts a magnificent design, breathtaking scenery and the abundance of... more...

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